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Selling to Rust-N-Shine


What is Rust-N-Shine?

Rust-N-Shine is a vintage/retro market that also highlights local artisans and makers. We carry Vintage + Retro items that were made in the 1980s and better (older). These items are of outstanding quality, and could be used to completely furnish a home, or used as eye-popping accent pieces.


Does Rust-N-Shine buy items?
Yes, however, in order to assure that our customers are sold nothing but the best, we have a very strict policy for what we accept into the store. Please See below.


What items will Rust-N-Shine buy?
We are always on the lookout for fine vintage + retro furniture, home accessories, artwork, lighting, kitchenware and glass + barware. In addition, we also accept some men’s and women’s accessories, including hats, handbags, glasses, wallets, jewelry, belts, etc. All items should be in working condition, odor free, clean, and stain free. Items should also be free of any rips, tears, broken frames, any large and unsightly cracks, scratches and scars.


What steps do I need to complete to sell to Rust-N-Shine?
Please photograph the items that you wish to sell, and email them, along with your expected pricing for each item, and a brief general description of the item to Be sure to note any imperfections that may exist on the item. Rust-N-Shine reserves the right to refuse any and all items, and we would prefer to see any imperfections and make a judgment call prior to you hauling the items to our stores. After the email and photographs are reviewed, a Rust-N-Shine representative will reply with our decision on purchasing. If Rust-N-Shine decides to purchase the item, the seller will be responsible for transporting the items to our storefront at a pre-determined time.


If you bring your items to us without pre-approval, there is a chance that we may not accept the merchandise.

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