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Kevin Bernhard + Kinsley Ross at the Grand Opening of Rust-N-Shine

Photo Credit: Scott Perryman

About Us

Started in October of 2015, Rust-N-Shine was a brain child of Kevin and Kinsley that originated over a shared love for all things vintage and repurposed.


They met at Highlandtown's local pub, The Laughing Pint, and over a couple cocktails realized that they both had a deep dark secret... they love hunting for vintage items. Whether those vintage pieces just need a quick clean-up, or a complete refashioning, these two are able to visualize the true potential of anything.

Now having moved to a newly renovated space, Kevin and Kinsley curate an ever evolving collection of eclectic furnishings, home-wares and art in a 1,200sf open concept. In addition to selling items to their forever homes, Rust-N-Shine also offers prop rental fees, and are open to renting the space for eclectic photoshoots.


Guiding Principles

Still in it's infancy, and evolving every day, the Rust-N-Shine team live by a few simple guiding principles:


  • Provide reasonably priced vintage and handmade products to our customers. By hunting high and low, we find some great deals, and we believe in passing those savings along to you.

  • Be as community focused as possible. We both live and work in Baltimore, and love our city. Nothing prides us more than to be able to offer locally produced art, furniture, and home decor to our customers. We also find joy in giving back to the community through fundraisers and community involvement.

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