Guess the Patent Contest


What is Guess the Patent ?

Wanna win a prize?!?! Let's play a game! Kevin just got his hands on a copy of the 1860 US Patent office report, and holy heck, there are some cool gadgets and gizmos patented back then. Here is how the game works:

  1. WE will post a patent drawing from one of the filed patents.

  2. YOU will guess what it is by commenting on our photo. First person to guess right and/or closest wins.

  3. Want to DOUBLE your chances of winning? Tag a friend to your guess, and ask them to play along. If THEY win, you will also get a prize.


What are the rules?
It is a pretty straight forward game, all you have to do is be the cleverist of all of our followers, and post the correct answer first. There is some not-so-fine print though.

  1. No purchase, age or residency requirements necessary to win. 

  2. Prizes must be picked up from Rust-N-Shine (during normal business hours listed on website) within 1 week. All prizes not redeemed within the specified time frame will be forfitted by the winner, and put back into circulation for the next competition. If the winner cannot make it to the store within the specified time frame, or does not live in the area, Rust-N-Shine will mail the prize won to the winner if winner pays postage.

  3. Only the first person to tag a winner will also receive a prize.